About Chaps

Who are we?

healthy entrepreneurs.

Chaps Lifestyle was started by students, with the desire to create a premium, all Natural Lip Balm.

What do we do?

natural Lip Balm.

We only use vegan ingredients in our products. Our balm is a concoction of a few organic favorites, packed with vitamins, oils, and proteins to make your skin look and feel its best:


What ingredients do we use?


Coconut oil:

Packed with Vitamin E and many other medium chain fatty acids, this oil is the perhaps the classiest of the bunch. It has Lauric acid—known to be one of the healthiest oils for your lips and skin in general. This oil will not become rancid like other oils and can be applied for long periods of time.

Candelilla Wax:

Our key ingredient that makes Chaps Lip Balm a vegan product, this wax is derived from plants not treated with pesticides or other chemicals. The Candelilla plant is widely known for its versatility and low environmental cost.


Sweet Almond oil:

Another oil packed with nutrients, it is acquired from dried almonds through the cold pressing process. We reap the benefits of vitamins E, A, D, and K, which helps your skin regenerate and maintain its elasticity. It’s also a natural Ultraviolet (UV) blocker, for us Chaps’ out in the sun! This oil has a very high absorption rate with the ability to calm, sooth, and heal minor wounds and chapped skin.


Avocado oil:

Another super oil, it contains a very high protein and unsaturated fat content—both of which act as powerful agents for your skin. It also contains omega-3 fatty acids and sterolin, which is known to facilitate the softening of skin and correction of age spots. Avocado oil also has lecithin and potassium, which both offer benefits for the hair and skin.

Join Chap’s

At Chap’s Lifestyle, we believe in social and environmental responsibility. This is why we feel responsible to craft an all-natural, vegan balm without chemicals or petroleum by-products like the leading brands. You can have the confidence that Chaps Lifestyle gives back, too. We partner with and contribute to charities and constantly seek out opportunities to give back to our community.

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