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We make products that inspire a transition to sustainable lifestyle choices and quality ingredients. #Chapslife is a sustainable lifestyle guide, offering practicality and knowledge on integrating premium, organic and natural health choices into your everyday life—starting with your lips.

it all started when…

During a class project at the University of Washington, our founders were tasked to “create a company”. After much consideration, we came up with a concept to solve an everyday need, but in a fun, sustainable way.

It was decided to invent “cocktail-flavored lip balm” that we could sell on campus. As sales grew and the concept started to gain momentum, we caught the attention of our first brick and mortar retailers, which helped kick-start what has become a thriving wholesale and direct to consumer brand and lifestyle. 

Established in 2015, we continue to deliver on the commitment to producing the highest quality products while introducing sustainable lifestyle choices.

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